The Protractor Map: A New High, A New Location


No. 454: Smithfield Street Bridge

I stumbled on No. 454, No. 455 and No. 456 while crossing the Smithfield Street Bridge the other day. The previous high number on the Master List was No. 418.

Trivia: Other bridges with protractors: the Charles Lieberth Bridge, the 16th Street Bridge, the 31st Street Bridge, the 40th Street Bridge, the Bloomfield Bridge, the 28th Street Bridge, the South Milvale Bridge, the Schenley Park Bridge, the (former) South Highland Bridge (RIP), the Graham Street Bridge and the Hot Metal Bridge.


No 455: Smithfield Street Bridge


No. 456: Smithfield Street Bridge

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6 Responses to The Protractor Map: A New High, A New Location

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  2. Art says:

    459 – On the access road to Station Square on the guide rail at the crosswalk, close to the Duquesne Incline. It’s painted the same color as the guide rail. Art

  3. circusvue says:

    If they turned them upside down, they would be a smile; however the way they are now could be viewed as a sunrise. Also, could be the letter “D”.

  4. Mandy says:

    Just found 473 under the Smithfield St. Bridge, walking along the trail.

  5. Patty says:

    Hello, in case you’re still updating your site I found protractor #566 today on a bridge in the South Side on my way to the South Side Slopes. I am not sure of the address, but the main staircase that leads to the bridge is on a dead end street with a church on the right if you’re facing the stairs. The protractor is purple with pink numbers.

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