Who am I?

I’m Eric Lidji. I live in Pittsburgh.

The Ongoing History of Pittsburgh is a chronicle of life in Pittsburgh, as seen from the sidewalks. It started as a place to collect unpublished articles I had written on local topics, but it quickly became a more hodge-podge affair devoted to urban minutia.

To get oriented, here are the basic categories:

Old History and Ongoing History feature essays and observations on the city, past and present. Among the highlights are “The Oaks of Oakland,” an occasional series of walking tours called Pedestrian Pittsburgh and the recent and ongoing “Fifth Avenue Project.”

City Sketchbook started out as playful drawings of Pittsburgh life. These eventually veered into comics as The Friendship Review, which became an exhibit and book called Assemble Daily News and is now a weekly one-panel comic called Public Notices.

• Handmade Maps and The Gallery of Local Nouns, which are both photographic collections of things that pop up all over the city, including The Cathedral Map and The Protractor MapAbandoned Shoes, No Parking Signs, Faces and Skies, just to name a few.

I hope you enjoy snooping around. If so, drop me a line.


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