The Protractor Map: A High Run, from Susans


No. 412 — Friendship Avenue

I’m working through a big backlog of old finds and new submissions, starting with this recent run, which, by complete coincidence, involves three women named Susan or Susie.

Susie B. found No. 412 on Friendship Avenue and No. 413 on S. Atlantic Avenue. I found No. 414 on the end of the S. Aiken bridge. Susan E. found No. 415 on a utility box on Myrtle Way in Shadyside. I found No. 416 outside the East Liberty branch of the Carnegie Library. Susan C. found No. 417 in Lawrenceville. I haven’t photographed it yet, but I’ll add it to this post once I do. I found No. 418 on (I believe) Butler Street. I’m having trouble remembering where I found it and the photograph is a bit blurry. Anyone?

UPDATE (October 25, 2013): I added No. 417.

UPDATE (October 25, 2013): Rachel K. has located No. 418 near 34th and Butler.

I should have more next week. Until then: the Master List and the Map.


No. 413 — S. Atlantic Avenue


No. 414 — S. Aiken Avenue


No. 415 — Myrtle Way


No. 416 — CLP East Liberty

No. 417 — 40th Street

No. 417 — 40th Street


No. 418 — Butler Street

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