Assemble Daily News


Assemble Daily News started as an art exhibit.

In September 2012, I took long walks through the East End of Pittsburgh and illustrated charming scenes from daily life. Every day, I exhibited this “graphic news of the day” at a community space in the Penn Avenue Arts District called Assemble. Through dozens of illustrations, Assemble Daily News reported on the moments that give the neighborhoods in this section of the city their unique flavor, but are too fleeting for the daily newspapers or the televisions stations.

For the exhibit, the illustrations hung directly on the wall, and were connected to a giant map of the area using lengths of red yarn, as seen in this Gigapan.

Over the course of the month, I produced 153 illustrations. Now, I have collected all those illustrations in a limited-edition book. Each 5.5″ by 4.25″ book is handmade, numbered and bound with the same red yarn used in the exhibit. The book also includes a short essay explaining the project.

The book is currently for sale for $15 at Assemble, Amazing Books, Copacetic Comics and the East End Book Exchange.

And if all that weren’t enough: A portion of the proceeds from this edition of the book will benefit Assemble, allowing a great volunteer-run operation to continue helping students and artists of all ages indulge their desire to create.


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