The Protractor Map: Millvale Trail


No. 350 — Millvale Trail

I’ve been slowly chasing down submissions from the past year.

This week I went to the Millvale Trail, which previously hosted No. 301, and now hosts many more protractors. David Bennett and Nanci (separately) found No. 352 on a railroad trestle. Nanci found many others along the trail, but (because I got caught in the rain during my expedition this week) I am still tracking all of them down.

Vicky S. found No. 351, No. 401, No. 402 and No. 403 stuck here and there on the long walkway coursing along the trail west of the boat house. While walking it, I also found No. 399, No. 400 and what looks like No. 409. Geographically, it should be No. 404, and there was already a No. 409 in Friendship Park. So perhaps the “9” is a “4.”

Here is the updated Master List. Here is the Map.

Here are the protractors.


No. 351 — Millvale Trail


No. 352 — Millvale Trail


No. 399 — Millvale Trail


No. 400 — Millvale Trail


No. 401 — Millvale Trail


No. 402 — Millvale Trail


No. 403 — Millvale Trail


No. 409b — Millvale Trail

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