The Assemble Daily News Book

Do you remember Assemble Daily News?

It’s been only two short weeks since my intrepid little newspaper published its final article, but amid the hustle of daily life, the cool breezes of autumn, the end of regular season baseball and the helter-skleter Presidential election, why, it seems like months.

I’m dredging its memory to the forefront of your mind to make an appeal.

Assemble Daily News showcased nearly two hundred illustrations during the month of September. The illustrations were not for sale during the exhibit, and many people asked about obtaining prints in the future. Rather than sell one illustration at a time, I’m compiling all the illustrations in a limited-edition book. But I need your help to do it.

I’m funding the project through a Kickstarter campaign.

Here is how Kickstarter works: you pledge money now, but you only have to pay if the project meets its goals. Here is my goal: to raise $1,000 by the end of the month.

The funds will cover the cost of the book, as well as some of the costs of the exhibit.

In return for pledging, you can get some neat gifts, including the book. (With a large enough pledge, I will even come to your Pittsburgh neighborhood to recreate the exhibit.)

In addition to bringing the Assemble Daily News project to a harmonious conclusion, the book is also a philanthropic effort: Half of the proceeds from future sales will go to Assemble, the space that hosted the exhibit. Assemble provides a outlet for unique projects such as Assemble Daily News, but it also hosts numerous free educational programs for children, showing local youngsters the possibilities of arts and technology. Assemble is operated entirely by volunteers. It is a worthwhile endeavor, in my book.

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