Announcing… Assemble Daily News

So these drawings? They’re actually news articles.

For the month of September, The Ongoing History of Pittsburgh will be running a daily newspaper out of Assemble, a community space in the Penn Avenue Arts District.

It is called, fittingly, Assemble Daily News.

Assemble Daily News aims to be a legitimate news operation, meaning it will report on actual events in an accurate and timely manner. But it won’t be a conventional news operation. Instead of covering organizations, zoning or crime, it will report on moments, specifically the enlightening, interesting and revealing moments celebrated on this site.

Because these tiny moments are sometimes too fragile for words alone, Assemble Daily News will use drawings, notes and a gigantic map to piece together a picture of daily life.

But the drawings featured here over the past month are just a taste of what will be on display at Assemble. Unlike other newspapers, Assemble Daily News can’t be delivered to doorsteps. It’s too big. Readers must visit in person to experience the full effect.

They can do just that starting next Friday, September 7, as part of the monthly Unblurred First Friday gallery crawl. It is free and open to the public. And there will be activities.

I hope to see you there.

— Eric

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1 Response to Announcing… Assemble Daily News

  1. BB says:

    Kudos to you and good luck!.
    Looking forward to it.

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