The Protractor Map: Year Two(ish)

No. 21 — Neville St./Sassafras St.

Improbably, the protractors continue to tickle the public imagination.

Viewings to these posts increased sharply this week after months of limited activity. I attribute this primarily to Assignment Pittsburgh including the protractors on their weekly photo scavenger hunt, but also to a slate of new protractors glued around town.

So I thought I’d help the cause by updating the Master List. This list includes only protractors I’ve personally verified and photographed, but anyone interested can page through the comments on previous posts to learn about sightings as high as No. 361.

I’ll get around to documenting those as soon as I am able, but in the meantime please feel free to continue submitting sightings. I also have some new ghosts to post soon.

And now: the Goods:

No. 63: S. Evaline off Penn

No. 149: Mulberry and 32nd

No. 279: Schenley Park Pool

No. 318: Davison off 45th

No. 330: Penn Circle South and Sheridan Square

No. 331: Baum and Highland

No. 333: S. Whitfield

No. 339: East Liberty Boulevard

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