Blue Mailboxes: 1954, 1985, July 1998

1954: Edgewood Town Center

Every blue USPS mailbox is stamped with the date of its birth. The earlier mailboxes appear to have just the year while the newer ones have both the month and the year.

1985: Penn and Main (in the rain)

I plan to collect them all.

July 1998: Denny and Liberty

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5 Responses to Blue Mailboxes: 1954, 1985, July 1998

  1. Andrea says:

    Interesting, didn’t know that. The one from 1954 is holding up pretty well.

  2. I worked for the summer of 1973 making USPS mailboxes in Hopewell Junction, NY. The label on the side says Superior Door and Steel. Let me know if you find any. I’m especially interested in two that have ball peen hammer marks on the upper deck – my revenge for the sharp metal edges that cut me. I found one in Cambridge MA, a special one with a dent on the side. The factory, by the way, was located in a converted barn at the intersection of the Taconic Parkway and I 84.

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