Morningside Diary

A little girl ran down the sidewalk. She had a red cast covered in signatures on her right forearm and two gold medals around her neck that clanked against each other as she ran.

* * *

“That’s low,” a man on a porch said to his friends. They nodded. After a long pause, during which time he thought over the whole situation, he added, “It’s low, low, low.”

* * *

A sunburned guy in a baggy white tank top was talking to an old lady through her locked screen door. “Wouldn’t you rather have the grass cut now though?” he said. She mumbled something inaudible. “Well what can you afford?” he asked. Again, she said something too soft to hear. “Well that’s what I’ll charge then,” the man said. “I’m not here to take advantage of people. My thing is I come by and I only charge what people can afford.”

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1 Response to Morningside Diary

  1. BB says:

    Did you take that photograph?
    It is absolutely sublime.
    Plus this whole blog really comes together.
    Excellent work, E.

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