An Argument

A couple fought in the park this morning.

He slouched on a bench while she stood in front of him with her hands on her hips. He said something that made her walk away. He yelled something as she left. Whatever it was made her come back to respond. He rolled his eyes at what she said. She walked away again, this time putting headphones in her ears. He yelled at her again. She held up her iPod to show that she couldn’t hear him. He yelled louder. She pulled out the headphones and said something. This time he got up. They bickered nose to nose. She waved him off, stuck the headphones in her ears again and marched off. He went in the opposite direction, and yelled back, “Fine, bitch! Go! I don’t need you anyway!”

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1 Response to An Argument

  1. BB says:

    commentary on the state of todays relationships.
    sad but true
    people forget to live in the now and they argue instead.

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