The Parking Space-Time Continuum

A two-man team repainted the Immaculate Conception parking lot this morning. As parents pulled into the lot from Friendship Avenue to drop their kids off at the school, a man in a WYEP sweatshirt pushed a rumbling gas-powered spray-painting machine down the row of empty spaces. First, he lined the nozzle over the faded yellow line on the pavement. Then he wheeled the machine forward while squeezing a hand-trigger to activate a perfect jet of bright yellow paint, directly atop the faded line. By the time he completed one long row of double-yellow lines, the sharp smell of paint filled the air.

His partner made handicap spaces at the opposite end of the lot, by their simple gray van — “Surface Stripe-ing” the van read on both sides, between two diagonal yellow parking lines, “We Paint Parking Lot Lines.” He tossed an array of giant plastic stencils on the grassy median, an arrow, some letters, a handicap symbol, each covered in yellow or white paint around its cutout. After sweeping the dust from a small patch of pavement, he painted blue squares at the end of two spaces, empty boxes soon to become symbols.

Because they only painted what had already been painted previously, as they worked the parking lot went slightly back in time, returned to its state as of their last appearance.

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1 Response to The Parking Space-Time Continuum

  1. BB says:

    good image.
    Make me laugh>

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