The Protractor Map: Ghosts III

No. XX12, Atwood and Louisa

With the arrival of spring, construction crews are painting and scraping and cleaning the city, leaving us with an array of newly ghosted protractors. The updated Master List.

The ghosts:


No. 134m, Corday Way

No. 140f, Bloomfield Bridge

No. 200f, Liberty and Cedarville

No. 201f, Liberty and Taylor

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4 Responses to The Protractor Map: Ghosts III

  1. Corey W. says:

    Do you have 289? I spotted it down on 2nd Ave. at the Eliza Furnace connector yesterday.

    • ericlidji says:

      The 317 is definitely new, and bridges a link between the East End and Squirrel Hill protractors. Nice work!

      The 58/59 was previously discovered, but appears to have been damaged since.

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