St. Patrick’s Week

A Polish Hill regular came into Lili Coffee Shop on Sunday morning wearing a sparkly green sweatshirt, a green feather boa and a knitted green Tam o’ Shanter covered in four-leaf clovers, and sat down among a group of punks. One of them, a young guy in a work boots, a plaid shirt and a “Return of the Jedi” ball cap, asked, “Is it St. Patrick’s Day?”

“No,” she said. “But I’m going to my church after this. They have a big thing in the basement for St. Patrick’s Day. Everybody dresses up and brings something to eat.”

“So it’s St. Patrick’s Week for you,” he said, pleased.

“Right,” the woman said.

A younger woman with a dreadlock ponytail, cut-off jeans with a wallet on a chain, high boots and small cartridges in her earlobes came back from the bathroom and sat next to the guy. She noticed the woman in costume and asked. “Is it St. Patrick’s Day?” she said.

“She’s celebrating St. Patrick’s Week,” her friend said.

“Cool,” the young woman said.

“I used to have a green mini skirt I would wear,” the older woman said.

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