The Protractor Map: All Around Mulberry Way

No. 39m

For I while now I’ve suspected that Mulberry Way, a discontinuous alley running the length of the Strip District, held a wealth of unfound protractors. With the lovely weather yesterday, I took a ride down there to check it out. My suspicions were amply confirmed.

The protractor above is No. 39m, previously seen in an un-chipped version and in an homage. Other than that, I found three runs. The first is No. 18 and No. 19, a pair of green protractors. The second is No. 150, No. 151, No. 153 and No. 156, a foursome of light purple protractors. The last is No. 266, a purple protractor. I also noticed that the dumpster that once held No. 265 is missing. We wish you well on your travels, No. 265.

The Master List and the Goods:

No. 18, Mulberry and Belvit

No. 19, Mulberry and 21st

No. 150, Mulberry and 28th

No. 151, Mulberry and 28th

No. 153, Mulberry between 19th and 20th

No. 156, Mulberry between 26th and 27th

No. 265f

No. 266, Mulberry and 27th

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