“Baum Boulevard” (An Excerpt)

No. 6, "the" — Liberty and 33rd

Walking up Liberty Avenue this morning, something colorful caught my eye. It was a plastic canvas attached to a rusty guard pole by two black zip ties. It had the word “the” cross-stitched on it in yellow, against a blue background. A tiny tag attached to it read:

http://www.baumboulevard.wordpress.com — what’s the story?

I went to the website and found a real treat. The word is part of a story called “Baum Boulevard.” It began on New Years Day and it’s been updated ever since at the rate of one word each day. Each word is cross-stitched and hung in a different place around town.

The story so far:

There was something strange about the word. It was spelled out in pink and black yarn on some flat grid and was attached to the fence. Inexplicably, it read “station.” And yet, something about the peculiar set-up seemed familiar, even if other things seemed odd. Like the street sign said “Baum Boulevard.” Wasn’t this where graffiti was? But this was a car dealership. The sign could be

While I would have preferred to stumble across the word “Inexplicably” first, I’m grateful for my humble “the.” I haven’t found any other words yet, but the website includes photographs of all the words posted so far. Henceforth, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.

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2 Responses to “Baum Boulevard” (An Excerpt)

  1. BB says:

    GREAT find!


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