The Protractor Map: A Sixth Smattering, A Correction

No. 17, Mulberry and Colville

Even after all this time, I still occasionally turn down an alley and discover a run of protractors that must have been pasted up months ago. The Master List now includes more than two hundred entries, but the highest protractor found to date is No. 321, suggesting many more protractors are hiding on the utility boxes of our fair city.

I found No. 17 and No. 152 in Mulberry Way in the Strip District, No. 85 on Ellsworth Street, No. 115 in Polish Hill, No. 184 on Baum Boulevard, No. 208 in the Herron Avenue tunnel, No. 306 behind the railroad tracks in Lawrenceville, No. 320 at the corner of Penn and Mathilda in Garfield and No. xx11 on a coal chute in Bloomfield.

Corey found No. 90 on Stevenson Way. (That means that this protractor, the former No. 90 is actually No. 190, which, given its color and location, makes much more sense.)


No. 85, Ellsworth Street

No. 90, Stevenson Way

No. 115, Herron Avenue

No. 152, Mulberry Way

No. 184, Baum Boulevard

No. 208, Herron Avenue Tunnel

No. 306, 36th Street

No. 320, Penn and Mathilda

No. xx11, Essex Way

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