The Protractor Map: A Clue

No. 148, Mulberry Way and 16th Street

This is the first of several updates planned for this week, including some gaps filled and a charming discovery that should put a smile on the face of protractorites young and old.

I found No. 148 in prolific Mulberry Way in the Strip District. As is evidenced by the photograph above, someone broke off the top half of this protractor. In fact, the broken segment is visible at the bottom of the picture, between the vodka bottle and the wall.

So I snagged it.

No. 148 (segment)

No. 148 (segment, close up)

No. 148 (segment, close up, reverse)

This is the first time I’ve ever held a piece of a protractor. The colored side is smooth to the touch, but obviously painted, because the underside is clear and the markings of a traditional protractor are still visible in reverse. The glue appears to be squirted from a tube. It’s translucent and generally hard, but soft enough to indent with a fingernail.

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1 Response to The Protractor Map: A Clue

  1. BB says:

    YEA! And purple too, saweet…..

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