“You win again!”

While I was filming these birds on Tuesday afternoon, a woman and her daughter burst out of a daycare center nearby, both playfully screaming. “I’m ahead. I’m beating you,” the woman said as she walked down the sidewalk, but pretended to run, swinging her elbows and hips in an exaggerated way. Her daughter actually ran. She was holding a disposable Tupperware container full of Froot Loops that rattled with each step. The little girl gained ground on her mother and passed her at the steps. “You’re ahead. You’re beating me,” the mother said as the girl passed her. The girl ran to an SUV parked at the corner and tagged it victoriously. “You win again,” the mother said. “I’ll win next time.”

“No you won’t!” the girl called back, smiling. “No you won’t!”

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