“I can’t find anything in this place.”

An old couple at the Edgewood Town Center Giant Eagle wandered aimlessly in front of the shelves of bread this morning. The woman stood by the cart at the end of the aisle while the man hobbled slowly down to the other end. “C’mon. That’s enough of that,” the woman said, and the man threw up his arms. “I can’t find anything in this place,” he said.

The Edgewood Town Center Giant Eagle is in the middle of a long renovation. They keep moving everything from one aisle to another every few days. The signs above the aisles often don’t match the actual contents of the aisles. Several aisles advertise “hot cereal.”

A clerk in the current beans and pickles aisle complained about this to one of the construction workers. “I was off for two days and when I come back everything is all moved around,” she said. “The customers keep asking me where things are and I say, you tell me. I’ve got time off this week and I bet when I get back it’ll all be moved again.”

The worker said, “They ask me, too. And I don’t even work here.”

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