Ongoing History: The Howley Street Ball Field

The pentagon shown above appears in the middle of Howley Street, in Lawrenceville.

It seems to be the home plate of an improvised neighborhood stick or kick ball field. A few blocks up, on the brick exterior of the abandoned curtain warehouse behind Woolslair Elementary School, there is this faded handwritten sign: “Keep Off Field.”

And finally, just to the right of that sign, beneath a heart proclaiming the love of Jim and MN, is another handwritten sign, an instruction that reads: “Dugout —> Players Only.”

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3 Responses to Ongoing History: The Howley Street Ball Field

  1. Annie D. says:

    I have actually seen kids playing ball on Howley Street. No idea if an improvised dugout actually makes it into the game.

  2. Corey W. says:

    Home plate looks fresh, but the other stuff looks old. (But, if it was scratched on with a rock or even chalk, it could look older than it is.)

    • ericlidji says:

      I couldn’t find home plate on the Google street view, although I may have just missed it. The street view images are from 2008-2009. That would suggest two distinct ball fields on Howley Street, one old and one new, similar to Yankee Stadium.

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