The Protractor Map: The Hyperlocal Mapping Party

The image above comes from the new Protractor Map that will part of the Hyperlocal Mapping Party at Assemble on Wednesday, January 11, from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. If you are a kid, or have a kid, or think like a kid, come out and make maps with your neighbors.

Until then: I found No. 65 and No. 126 in a hidden nook in Friendship, No. 269b on the 31st Street Bridge and No. 315 in Garfield. Quizbot found No. 70 on Samantha Way.

Here is the Master List. And here are the protractors:

No. 65, Cruger and Latham

No. 70, Samantha Way

No. 126, Cruger and Latham

No. 269b, 31st Street Bridge

No. 315, Black and Aiken

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