The Protractor Map: Returns!

Protest No. 2, Kelly's Lounge (photo by Ashley A.)

After an early autumn hiatus, the Protractor Map triumphantly returns to The Ongoing History of Pittsburgh, coaxed from its hibernation by three exciting developments.

First, people continue to fill in gaps by finding protractors. I found No. 37 and No. 38 on prolific Spring Way, No. 61 on prolific Penn Avenue, No. 91 in Morningside, the ACTUAL REAL No. 133 on S. Mathilda (smashing this theory to pieces), No. 147 in the Strip, No. 157 in Lawrenceville, No. 168 in East Liberty and numerous ghosts and de-numbered protractors scattered from the North Side to Shadyside. Reader Talia P. found No. 227 on the 16th Street Bridge, and reader Adam B. found the politically modified No. 230 on the trail running alongside River Way. I have yet to track down several reader submissions.

Second, the Grand Protractor continues to paste higher numbers around our charming town. Readers Patty and Brian T. separately found No. 316, the first protractor in Squirrel Hill. I found No. 319 on Penn, and luckily snapped a picture before it became a ghost. I also found No. 321, the new high number, on a previously protracted utility box.

Third… well, the third reason is a secret. For now. But I can give you a hint. With the help of some wonderful people, the Protractor Map will soon be serving the greater good.

Until then: The Master List.

No. 37, Spring Way

No. 38, Spring Way

No. 61, Penn Avenue

No. 91, Stanton and Morningside

No. 133, S. Mathilda Street

No. 147, Mulberry Way

No. 168, Penn Avenue

No. 227, 16th Street Bridge

No. 230m, River Way

No. 267, Penn Avenue

No. 316, Forbes and Murray

No. 319, Penn Avenue

No. 321, Winebiddle Street

No. XX7, Baum Boulevard

No. XX8, River Way

No. XX9, ???

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2 Responses to The Protractor Map: Returns!

  1. Bracha Malka says:

    Where is the one In the photo marked at xx8 on river way?

    This is like scoring huge or getting a huge bag of popcorn or candy.
    Wow! Can’t wait for the next post.

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