Ongoing History: Bark!

A pit bull outside Donatelli’s barked restlessly for its master late Friday afternoon, as the setting sun sucked the color from the sky and the street lamps clicked on over Liberty Avenue. The dog had a loud, sharp bark that startled all the passers-bys in a ten-foot radius, but it didn’t notice them; it focused exclusively on the lighted doorway to the Italian grocery, pacing in a small arc until it couldn’t take it anymore and needed to let out another big, “Bark!” The dog was tied up to the Italian-themed parking meter outside the store, the one with bands of red, white and green painted up its pole and an Italian flag bolted to its side. Every time it barked, it lunged forward on its chain and the meter wobbled back and forth in the sidewalk. It was loose in the concrete from too many dogs.

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2 Responses to Ongoing History: Bark!

  1. Don says:

    Perfectly captured, Eric. Didn’t even need to closed my eyes to imagine.


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