The Protractor Map: Ghosts, Etc.

No. XX4, S. Milvale Avenue

The semi-circle of life: new protractors go up and old protractors come down. I found four ghosts around town, including the one above. I also found three previously unnoticed protractors: No. 44, No. 217 and No. 265. Finally, a new high: No. 314 in Garfield.

I haven’t tracked down all the tips people have been sending in, but I hope to soon.

The updated Master List. And the visuals:

No. XX5, Comrie Way

No. XX6, Friendship Ave.

No. 44, Baum Boulevard

No. f215, Bigelow Boulevard

No. 217, Penn Avenue

No. 265, Mulberry Way

No. 308, Mossfield Avenue

No. 309, Mossfield Avenue

No. 314, Black Street

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2 Responses to The Protractor Map: Ghosts, Etc.

  1. lyyli says:

    I have good news, but I’m not sure if it’s a new protractor, or a replaced one, but number 80 seems to have switched sides of the garbage can it was on…

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