Abandoned Shoes: Traveling Shoe

I found this shoe on Monday, June 30, on Friendship Avenue.

It’s a right shoe, balanced on the curb beside a luggage tag that bears the number of a flight between Washington DC and Charleston, as well as a sticker for LaGuardia, and, of course, the airport code for Pittsburgh International Airport. So it belongs to a traveler.

Perhaps this traveler is merely a travel partner. If he happened to be getting into a car when he lost this shoe — as I imagine it, the man is half in the car when it peels away from the curb so quickly he is literally ripped from his shoe (thus the torn lace) — he would be getting in the passenger side. So someone else is driving. Is it a couple on the run? I see her behind the wheel, tearing up the pavement on a route headed due south and him frantically searching the folding map for a discreet place to buy new shoes.

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