Abandoned Shoes: Poof!

I found these L.A. Gear walking sneakers on June 26, a Sunday in the mid to upper 60s.

They are not so much abandoned as, I believe, left behind. Save for the slight scuffing around the toes, these shoes are nearly pristine, suggesting a wearer not prone to walking ardently or off the beaten path. In other words: a woman who cared for her shoes. They are also laced pretty tightly, suggesting the wearer them did not slip them off. A pair of shoes not slipped off can be kicked off or blasted off, but rarely do kicked or blasted shoes land in such a precise fashion. So I suspect the shoes abandoned her. In other words: she disappeared. How? Well, I found these shoes on Friendship Avenue, exactly as they appear, and I can imagine a woman stopping mid-stride and wondering, “What would happen if I touch my toe against the yellow line, just, like, so…” And then: poof.

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