The Protractor Map: A Fifth Smattering, Two Runs, A Surprise

No. 118m

It’s been a while, but the absence has been fruitful.

First, the oddities. The image above is of No. 118m, m for “modified,” a protractor on the Graham Street Bridge that someone decorated in tribal face paint. The ghost of No. 90 got a fresh coat of blue paint over it while the remains of No. 138x got covered for good.

Second, reader Gally discovered No. 94 on Centre Avenue and discovered that the previously discovered No. 95 is actually on Centre, not Baum (as I had it listed). Reader Zed pointed me to No. 304 and No. 305 on the 40th Street Bridge and, while there, I also discovered No. 302 and No. 303. So far, No. 305 is the highest number found to date.

Third: While traipsing around I found No. 103 in the backwoods of North Oakland, the REAL No. 132 (go here for an explanation), No. 188 and No. 189 in Bloomfield (suggesting a treasure trove of yellow protractors waiting to be found south of Liberty), No. 270, No. 271 (located at the former home of No. 196) and No. 273 zigzagging from Bloomfield to Shadyside in a run that connects the North Side and the South Side.

And now, the protractors and The Master List:

No. 90fb

No. 94, Centre Avenue

No. 103, March Street

No. 132, Comrie Way

No. f138x

No. 188, Winebiddle Street

No. 189, Winebiddle Street

No. 270, Cypress Street

No. 271, S. Milvale

No. 273, Ellsworth Avenue

No. 302, 40th Street Bridge

No. 303, 40th Street Bridge

No. 304, 40th Street Bridge

No. 305, 40th Street Bridge

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