The Protractor Map: To The South Side

No. f64 and No. f127

First: The twins, No. 64 and No. 127, are gone.

Next: Several sources from the bike riding community recently discovered a run of very high numbers approaching and then crossing the Monongahela River. They begin in South Oakland and follow the interconnected trails across the river to the South Side.

This past weekend I tracked down as many as I could. I found ten, but they aren’t consecutive and I stopped before the trail ended. So some still need to be found. This run includes not only the highest number to date (No. 296) but also the highest protractors to date, located roughly twelve feet above the ground on the underside of a railroad trestle.

Finally: The Master List.

Now: The goods:

No. 282, Junction Hollow

No. 284, Junction Hollow

No. 285, Junction Hollow

No. 286, Junction Hollow

No. 287, Junction Hollow

No. 288, Junction Hollow

No. 289, Eliza Furnace Trail

No. 290, Eliza Furnace Trail

No. 292, Over the Monongahela

No. 296, South Side Trail

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