The Protractor Map: Gaps, Filled

No. XXa

The protractors are easier to find than to notice. Being small and flat, you can be walking on one side of the street and miss protractors on the other side of the street, or be walking in one direction and miss protractors glued on the opposite sides of objects.

Over several long walks recently, I filled in some gaps in the Master List. Those include No. 47 (red), connecting No. 46 in North Oakland to No. 49 at Schenley Park, No. 80 (purple) setting off a short run in Shadyside, and Nos. 99 and 100 (green) on Morewood.

I also found several new ghosts, may they rest in peace.

No. 47, Neville

No. 80, Walnut

No. f90

No. 99, Morewood

No. 100, Morewood

No. f197

No. f202

No. 203

No. 206, Bigelow Boulevard

No. 215

No. 218

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