The Protractor Map: Relaunched

The Protractor Map (detail)

The Protractor Map is back online.

I originally removed the postings because I didn’t want the material to become a fulcrum used to push something I like over a cliff. Over the past week, though, I’ve not only found many new protractors, but also some recent protractors ghosts — the semicircular remains of peeled-away protractors. After talking to some people and thinking about the matter, I realized that these protractors aren’t an exhibition kept behind glass. They are a living creature. Protractors are still going up and still coming down. If the documentation isn’t occurring in public and in real time, then it risks irrelevance by not keeping pace.

So the old information is now public again, but I’ll be making some changes going forth. First, the Master List is now a single page, updated as needed, rather than something tacked on to the end of each new posting. That should ease confusion about the current state of the discoveries. Second, I plan to be less explicit in labeling the location of the protractors, but I’ll be making sure the actual photographs include more identifying information in the background to help curious searchers seek them out in the real world.

Now then: despite the brevity of the hiatus, there is much catching up to do. I’ve found more than twenty undocumented protractors on my own, and friends have found a tremendous crop of high numbers in three previously un-protracted corners of our city.

UPDATE: I found more than I expected and so now I’ll post throughout the week.

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2 Responses to The Protractor Map: Relaunched

  1. Alan Lidji says:

    I really like the map detail.

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