Abandoned Shoes: This Pair, In Despair

If a boy leaves one shoe in an intersection, does that make him more likely or less likely to leave the other shoe nearby at some point in the future? Does an abandoned shoe suggest cavalier feet, no less attached what they kept than to what they left? Or does it suggest newly cautious feet, ten toes taught by loss to cherish what little remains?

The first shoe appeared at the corner of Harriet and Aiken on Friday, April 15. Its match showed up half a block eastward on Wednesday, April 20. They are knitted moccasins, child-sized. With that odd slit, it’s hard to imagine how either (or both) could accidentally slip off. And that bright shade of yellow shines like a beacon from the grass. So I’m inclined to deem this pair not just abandoned, but dismissed, desserted, ditched.

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