The Protractor Map: Bloomfield Bridge

No. 196, Milvale and Yew

No. f196, Milvale and Yew

One of the sub-mysteries of the protractors is the location of No. 196, seen in the top image from a website about Bloomfield graffiti. This afternoon I found the location, but not the protractor. Whoever removed it did so cleanly. It didn’t even leave a ghost.

Mark found two runs of protractors on the Bloomfield Bridge, one that started at No. 139 and another that started at No. 204. I grabbed shots today and enjoyed the idea of the Grand Protractor crossing the bridge on two separate occasions, maybe weeks apart.

I also snuck behind the columns holding up the bridge, one of the graffiti hotspots of Pittsburgh. For a brief moment I expected to find a protractor altar, an array of them pasted in the shape of a giant flower, twenty feet high. But I didn’t find any back there.

No. 11, Penn and Mathilda

No. 139, Bloomfield Bridge

No. 140, Bloomfield Bridge

No. 178, Penn and Evaline

No. 204, Bloomfield Bridge

No. 205, Bloomfield Bridge

No. 207, Bloomfield Bridge

No. 213, Bloomfield Bridge

No. 242, Melwood and Jewel

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