The Protractor Map: A Bounty

No. 136x, Corday and Pearl

I trekked around the North Side yesterday to pick up the huge stash of protractors found by everyone at the Bike Pittsburgh blog (particularly fungicyclist). Mark came along, as did a reporter from the Tribune-Review who is writing an article about the protractors.

After listening to Mark give his thoughts about the protractors, I increasingly believe they aren’t some grand code, but simply the residue of one person living daily life, and while I still want to find as many of them as I can, I no longer feel the need to find out who is behind them or what they mean. I’m enjoying the dialogue: one person placing things all over the city and other people tracking them down, but the two never meeting.

And now: Protractors.

No. 5, Charles Lieberth bridge

No. 6, Charles Lieberth bridge

No. 7, Charles Lieberth bridge

No. 211, Gross and Penn

No. 243, Charles Lieberth bridge

No. 244, Charles Lieberth bridge

No. 245, Charles Lieberth bridge

No. 247, Voskamp and Vinial

No. 248, Peralta and Ahlers

No. 250, Federal and Montgomery

No. 252, Peralta and East

No. 253, Tripoli and East (overpass)

No. 254, Tripoli and East (overpass)

No. 255, Tripoli and James

No. 261, Sandusky (railroad overpass)

No. 262, Sandusky and Lacock

No. 263, Tripoli and Madison

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