The Protractor Map: Nos. 27, 39, 53, 185.2, 224, 231, 232

The protractors are definitely proliferating.

I believe this for three reasons. First, I recently found No. 185.2 (another duplicate, see No. 82.1 and No. 82.2) in a spot I pass often. Second, some recent finds look less-weathered and feature different handwriting. Third, protractors are appearing in bolder locations, heretofore uncommon: the front of street signs, garages, newspaper racks.

Much thanks to my friend Mark R. for finding a tremendous stash: the new low (No. 27), the most hidden (No. 39) and the new highs — across the river! — (No. 231 and No. 232).

A final note: This weekend I walked by a coffee shop and overheard an old man tell his old friend, “Yeah, you see them every block or so all the way down the road.” So I slowed as I passed to listen for clues, but then the other said, “I guess the parks conservancy got the contract for them. It’s nice having flowers hanging from the phone poles, though.”

No. 27, Spring Way and 31st (sign)

No. 39, Spring Way between 32nd and 33rd (meter)

No. 53, Stanton and Morningside (utility box)

No. 185.2, Baum and Vintage (parking sign)

No. 224, Penn and 32nd (utility box)

No. 231, 30th Street Bridge (post)

No. 232, River Way between 30th and 31st (walkway)

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