The Protractor Map: Nos. 117, 170, 182, 216, 222

The hunt for protractors is both slowing and broadening. I’m having increasing difficulty finding unfound entries, but friends continue to come through. I thank Stephanie M. (No. 117), Corey W. (No. 182) and Anna R. (No. 222, the new highest number in the series).

I should also note that, while I am not certain of it, I believe No. 17o and No. 216 appeared since I began compiling this map. Are you out there? I would like to meet you.

No. 117, 35th and Leech (garage) SM

No. 170, Penn and Milvale (utility box)

No. 182, Baum and Aiken (lamp post) CW

No. 216, Penn and Mathilda (trashcan)

No. 222, Penn and Butler (guardrail) AR

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