The Protractor Map: Nos. 56, 81, 90, 187, 202

Andy Johnson found three more protractors — No. 56, No. 90 and No. 187 — including another ripped loose (although not completely this time). Corey W. found No. 202.

(EDIT — February 26, 2012: No. 90 is actually No. 190.)

The map is closing in on fifty data points and soon I’ll compile a master list of all the protractors found to date as well as some of the theories percolating about their purpose.

Until then, please contact me if you find any protractors. Otherwise, enjoy browsing:

No. 56, Penn and Aiken (utility box) by AJ

No. 81, Filbert Street Lot (pay phone)

No. 90, Liberty and Pacific (mail box) AJ

No. 187, Liberty and Baum (pole) AJ

No. 202, outside BBT (newspaper rack) CW

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