The Protractor Map: Nos. 32, 46, 49, 50, 64/127, 79, 142, 155, 176

Last night I dreamed that my landlord took responsibility for the protractors. I caught him gluing No. 338 to the railing of a bridge overlooking a wooded valley. I asked him why he had been gluing protractors to things. He said, “These aren’t protractors.”

We were sitting on a porch strung with Christmas lights. He held up a protractor and said, “This is how Christmas lights come packaged.” He told me that each individual Christmas light came attached to the inside of a plastic protractor, the way model car pieces come attached in a single plastic sheet. “You have to snap each one loose,” he said, popping a tiny bulb from the inner empty arch of a protractor and holding up the spent casing. “I love Christmas lights, but I end up with hundreds of these things lying around. I didn’t know what to do with them, so I hung them all over, just for fun.”

I ran home and posted this entry: “I’ve got the answer. STAY TUNED.”

Back in the waking world, I’ve found ten more protractors. Thanks to Andy Johnson and Joe F. for the tip on No. 79. Oddity of the day: No. 64 and No. 127 sharing a spot.

If you found any protractors, or you’re responsible for them, please contact me.

No. 32, Penn and 23rd (mailbox)

No. 46, Centre and Melwood (post)

No. 49, Schenley Bridge (post)

No. 50, Schenley Bridge (lamp)

No. 64 and No. 127, Coral and Atlantic (utility box)

No. 79, Negley Bridge at Market District (bridge)

No. 142, Dobson and Hancock (mailbox)

No. 155, Penn and 25th (mailbox)

No. 176, 5017 Penn (door)

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