The Protractor Map: Prologue (Nos. 73, 87, 93, 124, 129, 212)

Well, it’s come to this.

For months I’ve been finding numbered protractors epoxied onto flat surfaces all over the East End. I’ve asked around, but no one seems to know what they’re all about. A bit of poking around the Internet turned up a solitary query from New Years Day.

So I’ve decided to map them. I found six today and got leads on four more. If you are responsible for these protractors, or have the inside scoop, please contact me.

No. 73, Friendship and Graham, (trashcan)

No. 87, Highland and Ellsworth (staircase)

No. 93, Aiken and Centre (utility box)

No. 124, Aiken and Harriet (mailbox)

No. 129, Friendship and Negley (utility box)

No. 212, Aiken and Baum (utility box)

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