The Market District Map I

This is the first entry in a new Handmade Maps project. The idea is to see how different people use the same grocery store. For instance, this map shows that I wanted to use the bank, realized it was closed for Martin Luther King Day, and then wandered around the international and candy aisles before leaving.

If you’d like to participate, download the floor plan and follow these instructions:

1. Take this map with you the next time you go to Shadyside Market District for a typical shopping trip.

2. Note of the date of your shopping trip.

3. Note of the time you enter the store.

4. Draw a line on the map following your entire route through the store. It doesn’t need to be exquisitely detailed, but it should be linear. Ergo: if you double back or meander, please note.

5. In the box marked “Cash Lanes,” note the number of the register you used.

6. Note of the time you leave the store.

7. Include any explanatory information you find relevant

8. Scan your map and return it to me. I’ll post it with all your identifying information removed.

That means: It’s anonymous, so don’t be afraid to be honest!

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